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The adventure that you see the original Italian cover on the side has begun to be published in 1970 in 1970 in 1970. This is a horror story Mi.Ne he is what this is the story of this superhero zagor. ” (History do not know when exactly this was it, but my mind remains so) really says Zagar contained in horror elements and surreal themes with other comic book heroes from farklıydı.tabi such a wide range including issues with the muhakkaktı.b adventure with interest would be met in Turkey Zagar who asked him for help Stanford He is going to the person’s castle and had to deal with the ghost of Priscilla who emerged every night.

In another adventure Zagora was forced to deal with surreal creatures are our heroes Profesor who want to guide themselves Meyer and Kruger to help olurlar.kruger readers in Turkey “Red Sorceress” was passing the name of published adventures from hatırlayacaklardır.kızıl Wizard of adventure at sea and rare It was passing a bunch of wristers from the beginning of our Kruger and heroes that seeking a butterfly. They struggle.

The river ships are frequently used in Zagor adventures. The older sailors are collecting the information about the ships of Blue Star, which is thought to be a treasury and carried a treasure. The residue is repeated in many Zagor historys. As a very similar story that hosts human beings in the history of Zagor. .Hoth the two adventures of Gallieno Ferri has traced.

Again, Zagor is the adventures that are similar to this type and frequently repeated adventure of adventure and again are the adventures of the taller to the unknown soils. It is in the rows and continuously in Italy Topten. This adventure has also drawn Gallieno Ferri.

Guida Nolitta has tried every fear item in Zagor scenarios. We have not touched the adventures on the enemies page briefly. I do not also mention it.

We will not pass through the adventure of Zagor’s adventure with zombies. The farm owner wants help from Zagor.The Zagor who is put to work in order to find the in fact that the bad is the farms that he is in the farm of the dancing that is not in the farm. The “Vendetta Vedu” is the original name “Vendetta Vedi” in our country, fight zombies again in the original name.

Zagor’s struggle on the natural life is the best example on the side of the side of the residual creatures. In a marine adventure, Zagor collides with a giant octopus.

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