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With Dwayne Johnson or other known name, The Rock was the most winning male player of 2019 and 2020 after 2016.

According to Forbes, the 48-year-old US player is the annual $ 87.5 million million dollar income; Ryan Reynolds ($ 71.5 million) and Ark Wahlberg (he left behind $ 58 million to the top of the second time in a row.

Johnson, who is one of the most hard-working stars of the show world, is located in both television series and works for their own construction company.

Johnson is considered a complete box office monster. The box office success in the past movies is returning to him as more payment for future films.

The 2013 construction of the famous actor is the rapid and furious 6 788.7 million dollars, 2015 made San Andreas 474 million dollars, rapid and furious 7 movies of $ 1.5 billion.

Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw (Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & SHAW 759 million dollars, skyscraper (Skyscrape) 304 million 868 thousand dollars, Rampage: Great Demolition (Rampage) reached $ 428 million box office.

The last film of the cinema star was Jumanji: The Next Level managed to reach 796 million $ 575 thousand box office.

In the beginning of 2016, the global sponsorship team established with the Under Armor to help to create a line for shoes and other clothing brands.

Johnson has been trying to make 7 Bucks with the former wife Dany Garcia since 2012. He prepared the series of Ballers and BayWatch film with this production company.

The name of Johnson’s construction company has a meaning of 7 Bucks. Johnson, a former football player, after terminating the football career, he had only 7 dollars in the pocket when Canada fly to Miami.

Johnson, who started a special diet in 2015, a full morino fish fan. It consumes more than 300 pounds of morino fish a year. Accordingly, the famous actor spends $ 1400 per year for fish consumption.

The famous player to protect your fit body is working with many personal coaches. One of them, J.K. Aaron Williamson, running Simmons and Jai Courtney as well. Johnson pays a thousands of dollars a year for the special program implemented on the trainer.

Johnson is also known for the fond of luxury cars. The famous player joined the ‘Ballers’ array at the premiere of Pagani Huayra with an average million dollars (US price) on the value of a million.

The player who loves traveling to travel is preferring luxury places. The film ‘Central Intelligence’ has preferred to stay in this luxury place for the press conference at Central Park West.

The famous player loves to do their travel with GULFStream G650 brand aircraft. It is not known whether this aircraft belongs to Johnson, it is also thought that it may have rented. The value of the plane, which player often traveled its family, is average of $ 65 million.

As a child Johnson’s always appeared to dream of having Rolex brand watches. It is known that the value of the first hour he bought after the famous player has earned money.

The famous player known to be a full real estate rich is a few million dollars real estate, he is talking about 10 house in Florida.

The most attention between these houses, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms at the Southwest Farm in Florida. Johnson has purchased this house for $ 3.4 million in 2012 and sold for $ 3 million after a year.

The Baywatch sequence in which the Baywatch sequence, Disney animation Moana and another quick and furious film, as well as Jumanji’s continued film, the famous star will make more money in the coming years and spend more money.

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