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The asset management company in the management of $ 64 billion under the management of the WisdomTree has applied to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to extract the Bitcoin Exchange Investment Fund (ETF).

France, a group of people seized 611 Bitcoins in 2019. In March 17, the auction to be held in Paris, the applied Bitcoins will be available in auction.

Billionaire Gold Investor Peter Schiff, who is recognized with the negative attitude to Bitcoin, stated that it has received Bitcoin with all the assets of his son in his explanations over Twitter.

Investors with the Investment Tool according to the statement made by JP Morgan will invest in the basket to 11 shares associated with crypto coins without investing directly in crip coins. With this invested tool approved by the SEC, JP Morgan customers will indirectly make the crypto money investment.

The Central Bank of Russia announced that they plan to test digital rubleyi in 2022. Russian officials stated that a prototype digital rublen is completed by the end of the year in the statements they do.

Goldman Sachs Business Manager John Waldron stated that customers have investigated the demand for crip coins and investigated how to meet this demand as the company. Previously, a survey conducted in-house has shown that 40% of Goldman Sachs investors have Crypto currency.

The Kripto Money Wallets and Transfers followed the WHite Alert, the last seven years ago, the last seven years ago that 5 thousand Bitcoins were moved.

* ICRYPEX Senior Team Leader Kemal Kabakcı is the guest to the Crypto Money program published on Ekotürk TV in 10.40.

* Kripto Zoom – Our Morning Review “Will Money on the Market! | Fed and ECB Incentives Bull signal? | BTC, ETH, Ripple Analysis” ICRYPEX was published on the Youtube channel.

Bitcoinis is traded in the morning of 57,200 in the morning after a quantity of pressure after an amount of pressure. The borrowing tool approved by the JP Morgan Yesterday, the Borrowing tool has found support on the level of $ 54 thousand with the expectations that the market will grow by the new users. In the USA will start the weekend direct aid in the $ 1.9 trillion package. The ECB was clearly printed with the movements with the ECB to say that the Pandema Help program (PEPP) is an openly 1.85 trillion dollars. It is an enormous potential for both US and the Euro Region to submit balance sheet extender help packages synchronously. Therefore, there will be the effects of the greatest story distributed in the next process and the world of finance. In addition, it will be the decrease in the amount of BTC, which has been held in the exchanges and saw the lowest level of two years.

When we treat BTC / USD technically, the upper band of the rise channel occurring since the level of $ 43,000 has been over $ 58,000.

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